Stone House Harmonizing with Natural Texture

The stone house, situated in a unique natural setting, underwent a tremendous transformation with its carefully designed interior and furniture adorned with special touches. Starting from the basement floor, each floor stands out with its elegant and functional design. The basement floor features a bedroom for the caretaker, a Turkish bath bathroom, a spacious lounge, and a foldable door play/hobby cinema room.

On the ground floor, a vestibule combined with a wooden stained glass sliding door leads to the heart of the house, the kitchen. Doors and furniture, made from solid wood in line with the characteristic of the stone house, create a cohesive integrity with the overall texture of the house.

Stone House Design Bringing Luxury and Functionality Together

The living room, combined with the island kitchen with a solid wood glass-topped sliding door, adds aesthetic ambiance with glass cabinet doors. This area, with motifs added to the wooden doors, forms an elegant connection with the sitting area and emphasizes the main heart of the house.

The special glass gun cabinet reflecting the passion for hunting and the custom makeup table in the master bedroom are among the eye-catching furniture designs of the house. While respecting the texture of the stone house, the project combines luxury and functionality with unique designs and special furniture on each floor. Designs that cater to the personal tastes and needs of the homeowners find a unique place in nature, transforming the stone house into a special living space.