Elegant City Living: Modern Duplex Apartment

Located in Alsancak, the duplex apartment combines modern design with warm wood and luxurious brass details, making living spaces unique. In this house where every detail is carefully thought out and designed, a perfect balance is achieved from the entrance area to the living room TV unit, from the bookshelf separator to the guest bathroom.

Modern design elements where wood and brass details meet create a unique atmosphere in every corner of the house. Details such as the guest bathroom, vestibule, entrance wall, bookshelf, living room TV unit, and living room bar cabinet bring functionality and elegance together. The kitchen entrance sliding door and the wood-clad dining table add character to the kitchen.

Natural Elegance: Unique Design Shaped with Wood and Brass

Staircase walls leading to the upper floor are designed with aesthetic touches by covering them with lacquer and mirrors. Guests are greeted with a kitchenette; this area caters to upper floor usage. The guest room, youth room, and master bedroom come to life with custom-designed furniture.

This duplex apartment has become a work of art with the intricacies of design and luxurious details. While presenting a great example of modern and functional design, it creates a warm atmosphere throughout the house with the touch of warm wood and brass details.