Yacht Breeze

A luxury residential project that stands out with its waterfront location, blending the unique view of Chios Island in Çesme. This stunning villa has a prominent architecture and eye-catching design. We are delighted to share the marvelous furniture applications we realized in this attention-grabbing villa with you.

In this villa, where every detail is meticulously thought out, the furniture complements the interior, creating spaces where luxury and elegance are experienced at the highest level. The furniture used in each room and lounge stands out with designs that offer both style and comfort.

Mastery in Aesthetics and Functionality

Inspired by the yacht-like design, we carefully designed the furniture of our villa. Throughout the house, there is a simple and functional perception. White lacquered furniture in the interior provides a modern and minimalist appearance. Additionally, it is enriched with wooden details, adding a natural touch.

The entrance door of our villa is made using marine plywood specially designed for outdoor durability. The interior doors, on the other hand, are coated with white lacquer to create a harmonious look with the space. In our kitchen, a modern design approach is adopted with white handleless cabinets. The wooden details add warmth and a natural ambiance to the kitchen area.